Uganda Speaks

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Education, News, Travel
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Uganda Speaks is an online social media project founded by a group of Ugandans to recapture the narrative about Uganda.

The first part of the project will be a film called #Uganda2012. The film will harness the creative energies of Ugandan filmmakers, photographers, activists, writers, poets and artists to tell the real story of  the work of many amazing Ugandans who have worked tirelessly to rebuild the northern region of Uganda.

The second part of the project will be a website that will publish stories of Ugandans who are working for positive social change in their own country.

This video provides a glimpse into the vision of this Ugandan led initiative. Please utilize social media to  share this innovative idea with the world. Help Ugandans bring their narrative back home where it belongs.


UPDATE: Al Jazeera English reports about “Uganda Speaks“.

“Uganda Speaks Responds to Kony 2012”.


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